Watch The World’s Worst Truck Driver Destroy A Brand New Ducati Motorcycle

by 4 years ago


A long time ago, someone told me how much they hate the phrase “shit happens.” It made me think about how stupid of a phrase that is to just casually write off negligence and avoidable accidents. Yes, we all have our mental farts, but USUALLY bad things can be avoided by simply using one’s head.

I don’t know what the hell the truck driver was thinking in this video. I assume he’s drunk or under the influence of something, but that’s just an excuse. I don’t know how it’s possible he missed this biker on a brand new Ducati before slamming into him. And then — even worse — he backs that damn truck OVER the bike, adding insult to injury.

I’m surprised the biker kept his cool in that situation. Many would have lost it. I guess he was just counting his lucky stars that he was alive and walking.

This truck driver should have his driving privileges revoked forever, effectively immediately. No one that blind should be behind the wheel of any motorized vehicle, even a lawn mower.

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