New Jersey And Boston Watched A WHOLE LOT Of Porn During Winter Storm Juno

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porn winter storm juno statistics


People deal with things like the prospect of Death Storm Juno in very different ways. For example, much of New York and Boston got hammered. And others, like say in New Jersey, they kicked back and jammed as much porn into their lives as possible because you never know whether you’re going to survive and if you’re going to go out, you might as well go out happy, right? Boston apparently not only also watched a ton of porn they also did while drunk off their asses. It’s called Death Storm multi-tasking, I believe.

According to Pornhub Insights, the “great blizzard” of 2015 caused the people of New Jersey to watch a whopping 26% more porn than compared to an average day. The states of Connecticut and New York weren’t far behind at a respectable 21% and 20% increase, while Massachusetts and New Hampshire checked in with a sizable 18% increase.

porn winter storm juno

Pornhub Insights

But when you winnow it down to a city-by-city basis it was once again Boston who, much like with booze, was king of the castle with an eye-popping 35% increase in the amount of porn they watched versus a normal non-Death Storm day.

Hartford, Connecticut also spent a lot of time checking out the proclivities our their favorite adult film actors and actresses, coming second at a 31% increase, while just down the road in New Haven they entertained themselves at a 27% higher clip with Philly coming in fourth at a 22% increase and then New York City at a 21% higher rate than normal.

porn winter storm juno stats

Pornhub Insights

All of this just leaves us with one question, was it the booze that caused the massive increase in porn-watching in Boston and New York or was it the weather?

Check out all of the very interesting statistics here.

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