People In New Orleans Are Freaking Out About This Light Coming From A Room In A Old Abandoned Hospital

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I live roughly five miles from an abandoned, and supposedly haunted, mental hospital in New Jersey. Every time I drive past it, I hope to see something freaky like this; I want to see the spooky movement of a shadow or catch the glimpse of a hunchback who is rumored to live in the property. I also find myself sitting in awe of the fact that real people willingly live in houses located less than 50 yards from it, because FUCK THAT. Paranormal activity can go fist itself. I ain’t about that life.

According to WWLTV:

A spokesperson from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center said they are aware of the ‘light,’ and University police are investigating. If the object is indeed a Christmas tree, it was most likely put there by someone who was trespassing.

The hospital closed after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and was never reopened.

Several people on Facebook, who claimed to have seen the light at Charity Hospital, also said it is a Christmas tree.

The fact that this was probably the result of trespassing tree aside, there is no place I would want to be less than in an abandoned hospital. Possibly the creepiest place on earth.

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