A New Study Has Determined What Kind of Adult Movies Women Like Best

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And guess what? It’s the raunchy, nasty porn you enjoying watching. Hooray for… equality, maybe. Or something. Whatever. I’m just stoked to know that the women of the world are as down with fisting Asian schoogirls as I—let’s stop that thought.

Neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam studied visual pornography and how it relates to female arousal, and here is what they found.

The results of their study found that while most women don’t watch porn, those who do are not watching female-friendly porn but rather the same mainstream, male-targeted, hardcore sites that men view.

It also found that those women who watch the good stuff, they are down to get down.

Women who like hardcore porn tend to be more aggressive, more socially assertive and more comfortable taking risks. They are comfortable playing both roles sexually, they like being dominated and being submissive. They possess a constellation of personality traits that you would normally associate with men.

But are there any specific kinds of porn women prefer? Apparently not. Women are game for anything.

 A 2008 study found that women showed signs of arousal watching pretty much anything: masturbation, straight sex, girl-on-girl, guy-on-guy…

Cool. That’s good to know women have varied interests. Hooray for sexual liberation and a plethora of options available to us today.

That was fun. Now would you like for a feminist to explain how this is a bad thing? Probably not, but we will include her anyway. The gist of her point is let me stab you in the neck for enabling the patriarchy with your taste in porn.

“If the vast majority of porn on the market is made by and for men—and it is—is it any wonder that a relatively small portion of women wants to watch it?” [said Angie Rowntree of Sssh.com]. … To me, it’s important that there’s porn made by and for women, to ensure that at least some of the porn on the market emphasizes a woman’s pleasure and the feminine perspective,” It’s important that there are depictions available that show people having real sex, experiencing real, mutual pleasure, and not just something that satisfies male-dominant fantasies.”

Okay… It’s not my job to make the kind of porn you want to watch.

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