New Study Reveals How Long Men And Women Endure A Dry Spell And What Each Do To Cope

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We’ve all gone through dry spells. After I broke up with my girlfriend a couple years ago, I was nominated for the esteemed ‘Dusty Dick Award’ after not slapping skins for a good 46 days. Not that I was counting or anything. I was slightly beat out by Tim Tebow and Russell Wilson, who tied for first, but at least I got to stand on the podium for silver.

Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed 1,500 Europeans and Americans to learn about the average span of time between bone sessions and how people fill their time when they experience a dry spell. The findings made me denounce my patriotism. American men have the longest dry spells–European men go about 2 weeks without romantic encounters, while American men go without it for a month. Women get laid in half the time (so if you’re trying to beat your ex-girlfriend to bang someone new first, the odds are not in your favor.)

The average length of time a single person (male or female) goes without sex is 2 months. I may murder someone.


The study also found that nearly 50% of American men are willing to lower their standards to finally get laid, while the same applies to 37% of European men. Further, Millennials are the generation least likely to go without sex for any extended period of time (Works Cited: Tinder).

So what do we do when we’re not sheepishly thrusting above an unsatisfied woman? Yep, you guessed it! We bop the bologna. Women are a touch more civilized in that they’d rather shop than pleasure themselves. CLASSIC CHICKS!

But when it happens:

funny pictures

men united

To view the entire study, head over to Superdrug Online Doctor


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