There’s A New Television Show Called ‘The Handjob Competition’ Where Women Race To Jerk Guys Off The Fastest

by 4 years ago

Back in April we showed you the Japanese game show called “Sing What Happens” where men try to sing karaoke while getting jerked off, and if you thought THAT show would be emotionally and mentally scarring to be a contestant on, then wait until you see…whatever the fuck that is above. I am a lazy, lazy blogger, but I really did try to find out what the title for this show was. The best I could find was that it’s called “The Handjob Competition,” but that’s so obvious and boring that I’m going to assume I’m wrong. It can’t be that simple, can it?

Maybe it can. The title makes sense once you know that the purpose of the show is for two girls to jerk off two different guys and see who gets him to finish the fastest. Do the men have to make eye contact the whole time? Do the girls have the option to wear hazmat suits for the inevitable moment they get splooged in the face? Do you get to pick your partner or is it just some rando they found out on the street who looked like he needed a good strokin’? So many questions too little time.

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