Up in Smoke: New York City Blows $75 Million a Year Arresting People for Marijuana

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Since 1996, the number of marijuana arrests in the city have skyrocketed. 2010 was the sixth year in a row possession arrests have increased. In fact, the study estimates 140 people are arrested in New York for a marijuana offense every day, making one out of seven arrests in NYC for the lowest level of marijuana possession. Almost 87 percent of those arrested are black or Latino. “So what?” you ask? Well, the increased frequency of arrests and legal ramifications add up to an even bigger burden on New York tax payers. All things considered, since 1996, New York City has spent from half a billion to over a billion dollars arresting people for less than an ounce of marijuana. A few more fascinating key statistics from the finding after the jump, along with a very appropriate 4:20 Joint of the Day.

Read the whole Drug Policy Alliance study here.

4:20 Joint of the Day

Song: “I Fought the Law”

Artist: The Jolly Boys

Year: 2010

joePA Notes: The Jolly Boys reggae cover of a Clash song that's a cover of a Bobby Fuller Four song that was originally written and recorded in 1959 by The Crickets. 

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