The New Yorker Celebrates Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s ‘Bromance’ on This Week’s Cover

by 7 years ago

As illustrator Barry Blitt explains in this blog post, the idea for the cover came about after seeing the two 

“For all the forced bonhomie you see in campaign-stop photos of these two, they look about as comfortable to me as an anxious father and his new, soon-to-be son-in-law,” Blitt says. While sketching, he went through many different ideas—a few of which ended up on this week’s cover, “Bromance.”



While we like to think a true bromance is not as forced as your typical father and son-in-law relationship, we do admit the image of a shirtless Ryan and Romney fixing a car together is pretty damn funny (if possibly taken from The Onion's Joe Biden coverage). Here are two more illustrations Blitt sketched before delivering the final cover: 

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