News Anchors Die With Laughter During Segment On Beavers And This Is Proof We’re All 16-Year-Old Boys At Heart

by 2 years ago

Deep down, no matter old we are or where we’re at in life, we are all just 16-year-old boys ready to laugh on a moment’s notice at the absolute dumbest of things. Case in point is this clip of some news anchors from NBC 2 losing their composure during a segment about beavers.

As you all know, ‘beaver’ can be used as a slang term for the vagina. You know this, I know this, and the news anchors all know this. It only took one joke about the size of a beaver for the wheels to come off and everyone on set to become consumed with laughter.

This, my bros, is proof that even when you’re on TV and expected to act like a professional at all times, you’re only one boner/beaver/69 joke away from reverting right back into a 16-year-old boy willing to laugh at anything related to sex or anatomy. Don’t kid yourself and delude your mind with thoughts about maturity, it’s not fair to you or anyone else.

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