Watch This News Reporter Rip This Heckler A New Butthole When He Tries To ‘FHRITP’-Bomb Her On Television

by 4 years ago

No lie, the FHRITP (“fuck her right in the pussy”) phenomenon got old pretty quick. In my world, “pretty quick” equals something like 2 weeks, and when those two weeks were over I was ecstatic. Not because I had anything against FHRITP’ing people on television, but because it got boring. No one ever fought back, no one ever dicked it up, they just screamed the phrase and ran away. Har har, you are so funny.

But this lady isn’t about it, not one bit. In fact she bitches this guy out and lets him know he’s a fucking loser. Good for you, news lady. You tell that loser what a loser he is so when he goes back to his loser house and lives his loser life he’s at least aware of it this time.

I hope he cried later.