The NFL Reigns Supreme in This Week’s Hottie Index

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The NFL draft dominated the sports landscape last week with higher TV ratings than any draft in history. The Thursday night opening round did better than the NBA and NHL playoffs combined. Therefore, it’s only fitting that this week’s Hottie news be filled with NFL connections, as well. Don’t worry. We have some other girls too. We can’t ignore that whole elevator fight thing that happened.

Olivia Munn


Munn is no stranger to dating famous people. She’s dated actor Chris Pine, NHL player Brad Richards, and has been rumored to have dated Brett Ratner and Justin Timberlake as well. Munn is kind of famous herself although maybe more so for whom she dates and how she looks. Now it seems like Munn is on the receiving end of Aaron Rodgers. This is one way for Rodgers to put to bed the rumors about him. Or maybe Munn’s just a beard? Either way I’m sure she doesn’t mind the attention.

Erica Mendez


Giants’ fans are happy that Eli Manning has another weapon via the draft with receiver Odell Beckham Jr., but do they know Beckham comes with a hot fiancée? Being at an SEC school, Beckham’s already seen some of the best girls on offer, so maybe he won’t be swayed by the NFL groupies. Mendez is quite the fine piece of ass, being a model who also has her own line of products that I’m sure nobody buys. But hey, she’s hot and is now married to an NFL receiver, so good for her.

Marissa Powell


The second round of the draft doesn’t yield as many superstars as the first, but the fiancées are just as hot. Kyle Van Noy is on his way to Detroit and his fiancée will fit in well with Matthew Stafford’s wife in the cheering section. Powell was Miss Utah in 2013, but struggled mightily with the question portion of the Miss USA pageant. At least she has her looks.

Alyson Stoner


Back when rap music was actually good, Missy Elliot represented the female gender as well as anyone. There was a little girl in a lot of Missy’s videos on on-stage performances who could kick it pretty well for a little girl. Thanks to BuzzFeed, we now found out this little girl, Stoner, is a smoke. She’s been in a bunch of stuff we’ve never seen, so it seems like she might’ve peaked as a young’n, but hopefully she still has that rhythm.



We’ll end with the biggest news story of the week. (It’s pretty sad that Jay-Z getting kicked by his wife’s sister is the biggest news story of the week, but that’s life in 2014.) We all know what happened by now, but we’re not really sure why. There are theories, some more far-fetched than other. The bottom line is probably that Solange is a little jealous and just needs a little TLC of her own.


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