Normal Dude Who Is Single AF Recreates Pics From Male Models To Make Chicks Thirsty AF

Zach Kornfield is a pretty damn talented video producer, but he isn’t exactly a male model. His game at picking up chicks on Tinder or Bumble or anything that involves making chicks casually thirsty with a profile pic is generally lacking. So Kornfield recruited 6’7″ male model Brock O’Hurn, who might as well be a living version of Gaston. That man’s genes are as good as it gets:

Back in LA 🙏🏽 Ready for a busy week! Hope you had an amazing weekend! 😏

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In the video above, Kornfield thought he’d recreating some of those glorious poses. Here’s how it turned out. Not exactly sure how real the thirst got with those snaps:




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