Girl Leaves A Hilarious Note In The Glove Box Of Her Oft-Stolen Car So Thieves Show Mercy And It Actually Worked

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Although I have never had my car stolen, I can imagine the PURE RAGE that might be associated with such a discovery.  Worse than the car actually being stolen, though, is the burden you now have to recover the fucking thing. You have to deal with cops, towing companies, your insurance provider…just so much day-ruining bullshit. Even thinking about having to have all that communication with random human beings makes me want to DIE.

This lady from Portland is not so lucky. She’s apparently the owner of an older model Honda that is very easily, and often, stolen. So much so that she felt the need to leave a note in the glove box for any perspective thieves. Her note is going viral today, because when her car was recovered, the note was on the passenger seat and the thief (who is slightly less of a shitbag now) considered what she wrote on the note when they abandoned the car.


Naturally, the Internet responded like the Internet and people called her out for this being fake. So she added a few comments and links of her own to prove her story.

The notecard with my number on it was sitting on the seat. So… almost helpful? I mean, fuck these people, but this turned out way better than it did last time.

Edit: While I was there recovering my vehicle a woman walked by and told me she just realized her car was stolen. From that block. Wtf.

Other edit: For anyone callin’ me a liar, OP delivers: I posted the original draft on Facebook two years ago, when I stuck it in the glovebox.. (Screenshot, deal with it, I am not giving you monsters any direct links to my FB page.) UGH ANOTHER EDIT: Y’all are killing me. I’m going to go stand in front of the car with the letter and a giant middle finger tomorrow. It’s still parked at the spot it was ditched, with glass on the ground. I did not claim my car was definitely recovered because of the note. Maybe it had nothing to do with it. All I know is was open, on the passenger seat, when I got to the car. This was posted to my local subreddit- I was not seeking the front page of /r/all. My three year post history should indicate I am not an asshole. DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. WHY CAN’T WE JUST HAVE NICE THINGS (except cars, lol).

Final edit: Since this is getting circulated all over the internet: I am a woman, this happened in Portland, OR, and sometimes I post letters here

Yeah, fuck you, haters. Her story is real.

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