Nurse Who Banged Nazis During WWII Just So She Could Give Them STDs Is Finally Being Recognized For Her Heroism

I think I speak on behalf of everyone reading this when I say, “It’s about goddamn time.” This woman spread her legs because of her love of Czechoslovakia and her hatred for Nazis and it took them this long to honor her memory? Deplorable.

Thankfully, for our heroine, Karel Friml, a lawyer who currently resides in her former residence, made the push to have her actions recognized. Oddly enough, though, no one is sure of the nurse’s name, but the lawyer is certain of her heroics.

According to the Daily MailKarel Friml said this:

‘Unfortunately, we don’t know her exact name because time and memories have failed to preserve it.

‘But we know that she was assigned to look after wounded German soldiers and began affairs with them.’

At first the mystery nurse was shunned and branded a whore by locals, but when the soldiers began either disappearing or dying, Mr Friml says it became known that she was deliberately infecting them.

‘This was her resistance and vengeance for the rape of her country and her personal rape,’ he said. ‘She had many German lovers, maybe six, maybe ten, maybe more.

‘People say that all of them disappeared after the affair with her.’

Sadly, the nurse’s Dexter-like reign of terror on the cocks of Nazis came to an end…

It was the Gestapo who eventually got to Trebon’s mystery nurse, after they sent an agent to find out what was happening to their soldiers in the town.

Mr Friml said: ‘The Gestapo noticed that these people were disappearing and sent a secret agent to the hospital,

‘He uncovered what she was up to and had her shot.’

If we’re comparing her to Dexter (AND WE ARE), at least her dying a hero is a far better ending than if she, say, become a lumberjack who lived in exile for no apparent reason whatsoever. Her ending also comes with a memorial plaque that was placed on the wall of her old house. So suck on that, Dexter.