YUPPIE FIGHT! — NYC Jogger FREAKS OUT On A Yuppie Who Bumped Into Him With A Stroller

As a proud New York City resident, I make I go out of my way to avoid stroller neighborhoods like the Upper East Side and all of Brooklyn west of Flatbush Avenue. I refuse to live in stroller neighborhoods filled with reproducing yuppie scum in their 30s who remind me too much of myself. Why? Because of videos like this one.

This jogger has no chill, but what you don’t understand is that he’s a settler. Like a pioneer with dysentery on Oregon Trail, he’s earned a certain entitlement to his neighborhood. He’s SEEN SOME SHIT, MAN and now that his ‘hood is gentrified with organic cheese shops and fair trade coffee and craft beer bars with hot tattooed brunette bartenders, he’s entitled to that sidewalk. How dare you tread on HIS turf, fellow yuppies.

Apparently this took place in Downtown Brooklyn.

This video terrifies me of my future life. I’m never leaving my yuppie roost in the East Village. It’s either old, cramped walk-ups forever or a big ole yard in the woods wayyyyy upstate. I can’t handle the smug yuppie cannibalism of Brooklyn or the other “settle down” hoods.

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