This $4.4 Million NYC Penthouse Could Be The Most Chill Bro-Pad In The World



You know what Bros love more than a crisp pair of Rainbow flip-flops and tanks with Abraham Lincoln abolishing sleevery? Real estate. Particular, owning real estate, since renting is like throwing your money in a toilet. But who can afford a 20%+ downpayment on a multi-million dollar pad in a city like New York City unless you’re working more 17-hours a day on Wall Street?

One can dream. Meanwhile, one of the dopest apartments I’ve ever seen just went on sale in the most chill/Bro-tastic neighborhood in the New York City: The East Village a.k.a. my home a.k.a the best neighborhood for Bros in NYC. On the corner of 13th Street and 3rd Avenue, it’s a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom, 1,972sqft duplex/penthouse with cottages on the top of the building. It’s selling for $4.4 million, which seems like a steal if you’re (A. rich and money is meaningless to you and (b. are rich and want amazing proximity to the bro-iest Bro bars in NYC.

LOOK AT HOW MUCH ROOM THERE IS FOR BEER PONG AND BRO-ING OUT WITH YOUR TRADING FLOOR BROS FROM DEUTSCHE BANK. A chill outdoor space like this is practically unheard of in the East Village:




You know why it would be so chill? Because it’s literally overtop one of the biggest Bro bars in NYC, Penny Farthing. And the Village Pourhouse is right down the block. AND… Webster Hall is just a stones throw a way. AND the Thai place Ngam is right under your cottage in the clouds, which has literally the best Thai food in New York City right now. Plus, like, all the other awesomeness of the East Village, the greatest neighborhood for Bros ever.

The inside is pretty sick too. Just think about how chill this place would be to Bro-out in.



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A Bro can dream… Meanwhile, back to mac-and-cheese leftovers in my underwear in my one-bedroom.

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