The Office Sneeze Prank Is Your Germaphobe Co-Worker’s Worst Nightmare

This video is older Two Girls, One Cup on the Internet, but it’s a classic. If you slave away in a cubicle, you know just how annoying it is when your neighbor shows up sneezing and sick. No one got time for that. This guy pushed his co-worker to the brink with prank that made his sneeze seem like a thermonuclear weapon. Spoiler alert: It was just water from a spray bottle.

It’s a germaphobe’s worst nightmare. I get grossed out when someone in the same subway car coughs. I think if someone spewed fake snot all over my computer I’d have a heart attack and Lysol my surroundings for the next few days. I’d be *that guy* who wears a mask to work just to try staying healthy.

Now I know how J.Camm feels when I eat sushi for lunch at my desk in the BroBible office. I always make it a habit to load up on as much wasabi as I can. That stuff is better than taking a neti pot to your sinuses.

Sorry, J.