The Official Hurricane Sandy Drinking Game

by 5 years ago

For years we have been disappointed by hurricanes that have turned into tropical storms which ended up being nothing more than a few gusts of wind and some pathetic rain showers. Since we should always believe in our team of accurate news and weather forecasters (who promise this will be the worst hurricane to ever hit the east coast) it's time to start drinking and finally throw that hurricane party you thought would never happen in 2012…

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Take a drink for every two-word hurricane reference seen or heard:
• “Tracking Sandy”
• “Weather Advisory”
• “Storm Surge”
• “Coastal Flooding”
• “High Winds”
• “Full Moon”
• “Projected Path”
• “School Closings”
• “Mandatory Evacuations”
• “Sandy Update”

One sip of your drink:• If you see storm waves crashing on a beach or into a pier or jetty.
• Every time you see a people piling sand bags on the news.
• Any mention of school closings, evacuations or mass transit getting shut down.
• Every time you see #Sandy trending on Twitter.
• If Hurricane Sandy is compared to Hurricane Irene.
• When someone refers to Hurricane Sandy as “Frankenstorm.”
• If someone complains about the storm ruining their Halloween plans.
• When you see Hurricane Sandy's projected path of destruction.

Two sips of your drink:
• A football game is interrupted by a Sandy Update.
• Chris Christie's warning speech is shown on the news or if Chris Christie's weight is compared to the size of Hurricane Sandy.
• When you see a hurricane reporter fail.
• If someone you know is having a Hurricane Party but you were too much of a bitch to attend.
• If a relative asks if you're okay.
• Every time you hear an emergency siren go off.

Finish your drink:
• Class gets canceled or you don't have to go to work.
• If your house loses power or a tree falls on your property.
• If your neighborhood is forced to evacuate. Then evacuate, dumbass.
• If Chris Christie announces that sadly, someone HAS died of stupidity.

WARNING: Having a Hurricane Party can lead to drunk decisions; if you have sex without a condom on and get a girl pregnant — you will be forced to name your kid Sandy.

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