OKCupid User Gets Blackmailed By Scammer Over Nude Photo, Proceeds To Troll And Torment Them Into Oblivion

by 1 year ago

Roman Pyshchyk / Shutterstock.com

Someone on OKCupid made the critical mistake of sending a nude pic to another user without knowing them and of course, things went south. He was immediately threatened with blackmail over the photo and being extorted for money or the picture would go public.

Rather than panic, this dude decided to hell with it, either they’re going public with the photo or they’re not, so he was going have some fun by tormenting the hell out of this scammer and driving him insane with details.

Writes Imgur user JHams90….

Last night I decided to take the bait on an OK Cupid scammer to see how things would play out (without giving them any of my financial information, obviously). Turns out what they do is ask you to whip your penis out on camera and then threaten to send the video to everyone on your Facebook friends list unless you send them $850. After coming to terms with everyone knowing just how small my penis is, I decided to have a little fun.


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