I Can’t Stop Looking at the Mugshot of this High School Teacher Who Showed Up Drunk and Pantsless On Her First Day of School

by 5 years ago


You know why I can’t stop looking at Lorie Hill’s mugshot? No, not because the scrapyard in my pants is all in a tizzy over her hot looks — I mean, if that’s your thing, God bless ya. I can’t stop looking at it because I yearn for her to meet and fall in love with THIS GUY. Match made in bulbous-chin heaven if you as me.

I know, I know… you never knew I had such a fucking soft spot for budding romance. Sometimes it even surprises me.


Per  Fox 23:

The woman, Lorie Hill, was a newly hired teacher for Wagoner Public Schools. She was found by two other teachers in the classroom on the first day back at school for teachers.

Police said Hill admitted she had been drinking, police said they found an empty cup in her car.

[H/T Uproxx]