Bro Tries To Pick Up Some Chick On A Motorcycle, Gets Cockblocked By Old Man On A Scooter

by 4 years ago


There’s not much love between motorcyclists and the jabronis who ride motor-scooters, and as we can see in this video sometimes that hatred can cause the streets to run red with cockblocking.

You have to feel for this biker. He sees the girl he met once before, he’s all sheepishly excited to talk to her about it and potentially strike up a much larger conversation about how he wants her to have his sweet motorcycle riding babies…but then life gets in the way.

And by ‘life’ I’m obviously talking about the elderly man on a motor-scooter who’s trying to show off his shiny new Swatch.

Every time I watch this it gets better. Just jump to the end where he’s trying to run his game and father time swoops in to send everything crashing down around him. I love it.


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