An Investigation: Does This Old Grainy Video Show Obama’s Presidential Erection?

by 2 years ago

On Tuesday, an old video surfaced on the internet of President Barack Obama and possibly his penis. The clip, which is from 2008, shows a then-Senator Obama talking on his phone while on a plane. CNN cameras in the back of the plane seemingly catch a glimpse of Obama’s presidential erection.

It appears that Obama has a chubby in the video.

Not only was Obama a big D from Illinois, but it appears a big D in the pantaloons as well.

Some argue that the President of the United States is not pitching a tent, but it is merely the pleats in the pants.



Or an optical illusion.



The flight was during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and there were staff and members of the press on board.

The video is so grainy it is difficult to verify that if the President was giving a full salute.



But there definitely seems to be a bulge. Happens to the best of us.

Maybe Obama was just really excited by his victory in the North Carolina Democratic primary on May 6, 2008.

However, there is one telling part of the video.

The female reporters in the back of the plane are all giggling like schoolgirls. The women are also screaming at the one lady walking down the aisle to sit down because she is obstructing their view of Obama’s “chief of staff.”

One woman can be heard saying, “Move! Move! Please move!”

Another female voice says, “You’re killing us.”

One woman bluntly tells the woman, “Sit down!” Followed by a chorus of women shouting, “SIT DOWN!!!”

Obama then puts his foot on a chair and does a bit of manspreading.

They peanut gallery continues to giggle.

Now they could just want a photo of Obama, BUT they are on a flight that is sure to have ample time for all the photos they want. It appears they want a photo at THAT exact moment, making the argument that they wanted to see Obama’s slick willy.

As to whether that was the President’s wang or not, I’ll let my good friend Samuel L. Jackson make the call.

Well said Sam.

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