Never Had A One Night Stand Before? Here’s Everything You Need To Know Beforehand

by 12 months ago

The Casually Explained YouTube channel has become one of my favorites over the past year. He really has a gift for explaining everyday things in a way that hits me right in the funny bone. For instance, when discussing how to answer a woman’s question of ‘what should I expect?’ when talking about a one night stand he suggests you tell her ‘it’s a bit like a Coke can but a bit shorter’. Just be honest.

At its core, this video was produced for anyone out there who has never had a one night stand and doesn’t know what to expect. However, I think this video is for anyone looking to perfect their one night stand skills. It will arm you with the knowledge of how out get out of there the following morning without things becoming too awkward to handle.

Nobody here is judging you if you’ve never had a one night stand. This is a judgment free zone. This entire article exists only to arm you with the tools to get laid more regularly. So feel free to ask any questions that weren’t answered in the video, and I’ll be sure to answer them to the best of my abilities.

(h/t Casually Explained YouTube)

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