This Optical Illusion Will Show You A Hot Brunette As Your Prize, Or You Can Go Watch Porn Like A Normal Person

by 4 years ago


Want to stare at a white dot for 15 seconds to see a blurry image of what looks like an attractive brunette? Then, SHIT SON, your lucky day is here. Right here.

So what are you waiting for? Start staring that that dot on the funny-colored chick’s nose (do it for 15 seconds) and then look at the blank white space right next to her.


According to Metro:

How it works is ‘negative afterimage’ and involves the cells in our eyes that code colours and send messages to our brain.
If you stare at one colour group for too long (here it’s blue and white), the cells that code for those colours get tired. So, when you look away, the opposite colours (here, yellow) get stronger.

They spell the word “color” funny. Silly Brits.

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