Dude Dressed Up In Terrifying Owl Costume Scares The Shit Out Of Photographers At Creepy Abandoned Hospital

by 3 years ago

A filmmaker dressed as a horrifying owl thingy has been making grown men cower in fear by approaching them at Scotland’s abandoned and reportedly haunted St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

According to Daily Mail,

Photographers visiting the dilapidated St Mary’s Hospital near Kirkcaldy, Fife, are confronted by Owlman, who stalks the corridors waiting for unsuspecting visitors.

The haunting creature is the creation of filmmaker Lawrie Brewster, who set up seven hidden cameras inside the Victorian building to film the photographers’ reactions.

‘The idea to create the Owlman was inspired by a terrifying god in the archives of ancient religion, related to the god Moloch.’

Mr Brewster decided to use the Owlman creation as part of a prank which took place inside the abandoned St Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

The horrifying Owlman’s head is made of a mixture of papier-mache, wire, and plenty of feathers.

St Mary’s Children’s Hospital was a Victorian complex used to treat infectious diseases, and at one time focused its work on scarlet fever.
‘This is just the beginning of the Owlman’s terrifying career, and we will see him in a mixture of public interactions and elaborate set ups,’ he added.

Owlman has even made a frightening appearance on Chat Roulette, most likely scary the shit out of teenagers jerking off in front of a camera. Can’t be good for the boner.