You’ll Never Guess The Disgusting Thing This Pageant Mom Fed Her Kid So She’d Lose Weight

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Let’s brainstorm a list of ways to lose weight:

1. Eating less
2. Exercising

GREAT WORK EVERYBODY! Awesome list! Now if you don’t mind, please send it to this pageant mom in Florida who decided that forcing her daughter to eat tapeworms was a better way to lose weight than what we came up with.

A pageant mom in Florida is the subject of an upcoming episode of Untold Stories of the E.R. after forcing her daughter to ingest tapeworms in order to slim down for competition.
Upon checking into the emergency room with severe stomach pains, nurse Maricar Cabral-Osorio thought the teen was pregnant. But an ultrasound showed no fetus — although there was an inexplicable growth in her intestines.
…the unfortunate teenage contestant’s condition became clear upon a fateful trip to the bathroom.

“It was a toilet bowl full of tapeworms,” Cabral-Osorio recalled.
“It was so gross and she had pooped all these tapeworms. There were a couple that were very long and wiggling around trying to get out of the toilet bowl…”

But one question remained — how did she get the tapeworms in the first place?
After an apparent fight between the mother and daughter, it became clear the mother bought a pill of tapeworm eggs in Mexico and forced her daughter to take it to lose weight for an upcoming pageant…

“The mom was apologizing to the girl. It’s like ‘I’m so sorry. You know, I did it just to make you a little skinnier. You needed some help before we went on to the pageant.”


What’s more important to you, potentially killing yourself so you’re skinny for a pageant or NOT DYING? Personally I’d pick the option that doesn’t involve death, but that’s just me.

Want more details? Of course you do, ya sick fuck. Well then click here to watch a full episode of Untold Stories of the ER about tapeworms. Whoo.

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