Girl In Bikini Narrowly Escapes Tragedy After Parachute Skier Comes Within Inches Of Her Head

by 11 months ago

Many of us are slaves to our routines. We go through life adhering to the same habits without really questioning their utility. And when we finally realize our situations are unfulfilling or worse, toxic, we kick the can down the road in making a change.

Sometimes it takes one significant experience to kick those life changes into gear, like a health scare or almost losing your goddamn head by a speeding parachute skier while you’re severely underdressed on a snowy mountain. I sure hope that if this bikini-clad girl who escaped a sure death by inches is going through one of those ruts, this experience helped put things into perspective.

This incident occurred at the extreme sports event Sesh Up 2017 at Washington’s Mt. Baker on May 21. The dude who jumped out of a plane with skis on faced the less danger than the chick in the bikini just trying to get a tan on the slopes. Ah, the irony. Thank God no one was injured during the event. Maybe just some frost bite for our girl, but she still got her head so lets chalk this up to a W.

Life comes at you fast, bros. CHANGE COMES TODAY! (Or tomorrow).

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