Nightmarish Parasailing Accident in Panama City Beach, Florida Caught on Camera

According to WMBB News 13:

Multiple witnesses tell News 13 at least two parasailers are taken to the hospital after winds broke the cable from the boat that was pulling them.

The accident happened at the Commodore Condominiums. That's where witnesses tell us ambulances responded and transported two teenage girls.

Witnesses tell us a storm broke the cable on the parasail causing it to detach from the boat that was pulling it. They also tell News 13 what appeared to be two teenage girls were attached to the parasail.

They say the girls hit a balcony on the condo, got caught in power lines and then hit several cars in the parking lot. They were transported to the hospital from the Commodore Condominiums parking lot.

Um…yeah, that last time I went parasailing (two years ago) literally just became the last time I go parasailing. I don't know how the fuck a cable snaps from wind, but I don't want to learn first hand either. I'm not really all that into math and science to begin with. 

[H/T Big Lead]

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