Parents Have A Meltdown After Missing Their Cruise Ship With The Kids on Board

I don’t feel bad for people when they do extremely dumb things. But I do feel bad when other people are victimized by that person’s own stupidity. Such is the case with this story: The mom is a clown for wandering off the ship right around the time of departure. I feel bad that her kids are probably going to be embarrassed by her own incompetence. But, when a ship is set to sail at 5:30, your ass better be aboard.

Here’s the story, via the YouTube uploader:

A father and at least two children were on board a cruise ship a the port in Nassau, which was ready to leave to New York, but the mother did not yet board the ship. The father left the ship with their travel documents to go look for her leaving his children behind with an uncle and his family. The ship waited an additional thirty minutes for the couple, and consulted with the family, before departing. The wife finally arrived, and the couple raced back to the ship but were too late. Before dropping to her knees, the mother was heard shouting, “My kids on there!” Norwegian Cruise Line, “offered travel and lodging assistance to the couple and arrangements were made for them to reunite with the ship upon her return to New York on April 24.”

This is one of those family moments that everyone will laugh at 20 years from now at a wedding. Everyone will be in tears about the time crazy old mom wandering away from the boat and had to fly back to New York to meet her family. The kids will talk about the time they spent with their uncle and cousins on the cruise back and how much fun it was.

But in the meantime… Man those parents look dumb.