Have You Ever Been So Drunk That You Pissed Yourself At The Airport?

by 4 years ago



…Because I haven’t! I’ve had some brutal hangovers at the airport, but never anything like what this passed out dude is going through. Looks like he took a couple bottles of vodka to the face then passed out waiting for his plane. Like, I get that flying can be stressful and all, but come on, man. You’re making a spectacle out of yourself.

How bad do you feel for the person sitting on the bench behind him? How is that person not overwhelmed by the scent of urine? Something tells me he’s about five seconds away from getting a wiff.

Also, WTF does this shirt even mean? Man, Eastern Europe is such a wild and weird place. I’d love to go just to have a dance party with this Bro sometime.



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