American Hero and Olympic Gymnast Paul Hamm Busted for Assaulting Cab Driver in Ohio (Video)

by 9 years ago

According to NY Daily News:

The ornery Olympian also punched and kicked Elmi and damaged the window of the cab, police said.

On the video, Hamm says he had “probably eight drinks,” and then begins threatening police. “I don't understand, I'm going to kill you guys,” he says after several officers struggled to cuff him.

Later, he can be seen slumping over in the back of the cruiser. He continued the wobbly performance at the station house, where he appears on video refusing to sit down during processing. 

He was charged with assault, criminal damaging and not paying a service.


How about that voice of his? He could probably hit notes some women only dream of. Oh, and that American hero tag is admittedly bullsh*t. If you think I believe a prepubescent 28-year-old, who cavorts around on mats and does flips for a living, is in any way a hero, then you've misjudged me.

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