Bad News, Pool Pissers: Science Says Peeing In Pools Is Quite Terrible for Us

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Peeing in pools? Color me guilty. Being doing it since the dawn of realizing I could be doing it instead of jumping out and killing the surrounding plant life. As an adult I’ve curbed that kind of pool-side behavior, usually only peeing in the ocean because IT’S THE OCEAN and the walk to a bathroom on a beach is fucking treacherous, but that doesn’t mean I’ve never peed in a pool as an adult purely for the sake of keeping the party going, uninterrupted. And until they actually attribute a human death to urine in a pool, I say, “Fuck you, science jerks. I STILL STANDING!”

Science jerks, however, are steadfast in their findings and say that pissing in pools can lead to heart and lung problems. For everyone involved, not just the pisser.

According to University Herald:

A study published in ACS’ journal Environmental Science & Technology found that when mixed, urine and chlorine can form substances that can cause potential health problems. Chlorine is usually added to pool water to kill disease-causing microbes and prevent swimmers from getting sick.

“As people swim, splash, play – and pee – in the pool, chlorine mixes with sweat and urine and makes other substances. Two of these compounds, including trichloramine (NCl3) and cyanogen chloride (CNCl), are ubiquitous in swimming pools,” researchers said in a statement.

Trichloramine is associated with lung problems, and the cyanogen can also affect the lungs, as well as the heart and central nervous system.

That’s all great and shit, and maybe adults will be able to resist the urge from sullying the integrity of the precious pool chemicals, but until you put this shit in a format that can be seen and easily digested on Reading Rainbow, kids will forever continue to piss the good piss. Because sometimes kids just want the water to warm up a few degrees. I get it…I get it.

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