Guy Pulls ‘Peeking Over Bathroom Stall’ Prank On Dudes Taking a Shit, One Pulls a Gun on Him

by 4 years ago


It’s going to take murder, literal murder, for people to stop trying these stupid ass pranks. There wasn’t even one guy in this video, who abruptly had his shit sesh interrupted by this prank, that was happy about it. No one was laughing it off saying, “Sweet gag, bro. You totally got me.” No, they wanted this cocksucker to die. And I can’t say that I blame them.

You do not…I repeat…you do not fuck with a stranger when they’re forcing shit out of their ass in a public bathroom. That’s common courtesy. Realizing you’re going to be shitting in public is a day-ruiner all by itself, you don’t need some nutbag poking a fake head over your stall to fuck with you. I’m honestly surprised this guy lived to post this on the Internet because the first thing that would come to my brain if this happened to me is, “I need to kill fake-head-having psychopath before he murders me.” And then, shitty, un-wiped ass and all, I take his life.


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