A Few Former Pennsylvania School Officials Liked Sending Texts, EXTREMELY RACIST TEXTS

After reading the texts — which start off in the most offensive way possible, unless you're Clayton Bigsby — Tonya Thames Taylor contacted Board President Neil Campbell as well as other high-ranking board members and in the next ten days Como and Donato suddenly got the urge to resign. Weird, right?

Now, the duo's resignations are being voted on and a lot of angry people are asking for the board to fire Como and Donato rather than let their resignations go through. I don't know much about teachers retiring, but I'm guessing firing them will do something in the way of fucking them out of cash, which I doubt anyone not named Como or Donato would mind. 

So that is the story, and these are the texts. Brace yourselves, it's a racist ride. 

CASD: Transcript Excerpts

[H/T Gawker via ABC Local]