People Are Losing It Over This Hot Albanian News Anchor Who Got Her Job Because She Reports News Nearly Topless

by 3 years ago

Back in September we brought you the story about how Enki Bracaj, a 21-year-old news anchor from Albania, was offered the job of news anchor because she has giant boobs that people liked to look at via the blouse she never bothered to button in time for work. Unfortunately for Enki she was recently fired after agreeing to pose in Playboy (what a stretch), so now she’s been replaced by Greta Hoxha.

Just like Enki, Greta reports Albanian news almost topless. Unlike Enki, Greta does not have boobs large enough to cause a tsunami upon stepping foot in the ocean. Also unlike Enki, Greta’s face is a 10/10 while Enki’s sort of reminds me of one of those flat fish who live on the ocean floor and eat dirt for a living. Is that a Flounder? Maybe. Maybe Enki is a Flounder disguised in a human suit. You never really know.


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Of course, not everyone likes boobs. Some people like spaghetti or turkey sandwiches or lawnmowers, but those are inanimate objects that can’t report the news. So when Greta had to defend her right to deliver Albania’s news while wearing her very low-cut-sometimes-not-cut-at-all tops, Mirror reports that Greta stated “We are doing something here which is original. If truth be told, I am not surprised that we get a lot of attention…I want to send the message that when people tune into my show they will get the ‘naked’ truth, nothing slanted left or right.”

You see what she did there? You see it? No? No because you were looking at her boobs? Okay I’ll leave you alone then. Gawk at all the titties you like.

[H/T Mirror]

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