People Who Have Recognized Someone They Know In A Porn Video Discuss What That Was Like

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Many adult film aficionados believe that the ‘holy grail’ of porn is finding someone they know in the business. I must admit, I think it would be interesting to see someone I knew from H.S. or College appearing in an adult film. Why? I’m not quite sure, maybe because it humanizes the industry more, or maybe it’s because as men it’s hardwired in our brains that we want to see every woman we’ve ever met naked. Whatever the case may be, a bunch of people who have recognized someone they know in a porn film explained what that situation was like, how it happened, and some talked about the aftermath (via AskReddit):

In university I had a girl sit next to me who looked really familiar. I couldn’t shake the fact that I knew her from somewhere. So eventually, I just caved and asked her “Did we have a class together last semester?”
She acted all coy at first and seemed to be working up towards something. She didn’t go full Phoebe on me and yell “You recognize me from Porn!”, but instead said that I probably recognized her from some modeling she’d done. I was a super thick kid, and didn’t get what she was saying. “Were you in a magazine or something?” She went on to tell me that she had a brief stint as a Suicide Girl, and that’s where I probably recognized her from. I smiled, blushed and said “Oh, no that’s not it. We had Philosophy 201 together last semester. Now I remember”. And that was that.

You know how before you watch an online video it is just an image still? Well it was a girl with her back turned but something looked familiar so I clicked on it…
Long story short: ex girlfriend was doing homemade porn in our apartment (we were together) with other men. And no I will not post a link…
And yeah I feel disgusted.

When I was like 14 my friends and I were looking for weird porn on the internet for fun (sounds really fucking weird now that I look back on it) and my friend found some piss fetish stuff. Everyone was laughing at how weird it was that people like to get pissed on and then I looked and saw my cousin Jamie getting a golden shower.

I worked in a big box home improvement store. I had helped an attractive woman pick out items for her new home being built. I helped with lights, cabinets, vanities and some decor items. She was super nice and this was the norm over past few weeks. Fast forward to Saturday and some friends visit from out of town. They all want to go to a strip club. I hadn’t been to one in years. I ok’d it with my wife and with her blessing went to the club. We get an off stage table and are watching the dancers. The following song switched the dancers and my customer was the dancer.
As she stripped she didn’t see me. I told my friends to “watch this”. I went to the stage and waited for her to make the rounds to each guy at the stage. She gets to me and as I slip a $5 in her thong I say, “So how’s the house coming along?” She looks down at me with her crotch inches from my face and makes the connection.
She did the whole OMG, how are you small talk and I left the stage. She came back out after her time on stage and we talked about the house for 20 minutes. She was so glad I came in, and gave me a big hug. From then on she would only work with me when she came into the store. My friends thought I was a God!

I was in Afghanistan and this dude was about to throw out his porn stash before we rotated back home and I asked him if I could look at it before he did.
I was flipping through one of the magazines and one of my sisters best friends from high school was in Beaver Hunt. I always had a crush on her but thought she was super prude but apparently I was waay off. I tore that page out and still have it. That was over 10 years ago and I’ll still look at it every now and again to uhhh…you know.

Met a girl through a friend of mine. Helped her install one of those “floating” shelves in her house. Pretty hot but obviously bat shit crazy. Always thought to myself that she would probably be a monster in the sack. Never made a pass because… crazy. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Anyway, about a month or two later, I see her on pornhub walking into a white office with a black couch… something something hand sanitizer.

Well, not exactly a porno, but a full nudity strip club. Was with a bunch of guy friends. Girl on stage is fully naked, comes close to our group, does that move where she lays on her back and opens her legs right in front of me, showing me heaven. I’m obviously focused on only one thing, when the girl goes “Andrew??”. I quickly snap out of it and look up at her face and realize she’s one of my college classmates. Awkwardness immediately ensues as I pretend I wasn’t just drooling over her vagina. But right after her dance, she comes down fully naked, gives me a huge tight hug, we talk for like 10 minutes (yes, she’s still nekid), gives me another warm hug goodbye, and I look like a fucking pimp in front of my bros. 10/10 would do it again .

I actually had an experience almost identical to this once. Only the girl I ‘know’ was a friend’s wife…Awkward AF.

The two girls that I found that went to my high school did porn immediately after graduation. One was plastered all over Barely 18 and the other did a few videos for BangBros. I don’t know what became of the Barely 18 girl, but the BangBros girl is sort of a wreck.
I have her on snapchat and on instagram (her personal account), and on the brightside is she has a baby son, but the other side is the stereotypical porn actress downward spiral.

I’ve found two girls I know irl that have posted nude pics. Its kind if underwhelming and it is THE shining example of leaving something to the imagination

Yeah. Girl from high school was on the girls gone wild bus when they came to club in East Tennessee. They even made her a centerpiece of the commercial so everyone in town had to see her all night if they left the TV on. Awkward shit.

I live in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles which was ground zero for porn before they passed that stupid condom law.
I have seen dozens porn stars (mostly ex-porn) at the mall, grocery store, my kids school etc.
The only awkward encounter I had was when I took my son to one of those kids play gyms and Gianna Michaels was there with who I assumed was her daughter.
We shared some small talk as is usually the way at these places but I think she could sense that I recognized who she was.

I’ll answer on behalf of my friends. A few of my friends know this one guy who they always suspected was bi. Well, my gay roommate is wanking it one time and sees his friend doing gay-for-pay. He shows it to another friend.
I’ve heard this story before, and one time I went to lunch with some people and the guy came along. All I could imagine was how all of us knew he’d done gay porn but he didn’t know anyone knew.
Later a few of us are over at my apartment (he didn’t come over) and one friend didn’t know about the porn.
So my roommate grabs his laptop and we sat and watched the guy I just met taking it in the ass.

I was once on a flight from LAX to Houston. I felt like I noticed the girl in the row in front of me and my friends. I couldn’t get it out of my head. We landed, I was getting my carry on and her jacket must have shifted onto my bag. I handed it to her and our hands touched a little. When she turned to walk away I noticed that ass immediately. It was Alexis Texas. In Texas!

The chick’s perspective…

This exact situation came true for me. He was this popular guy that hung out with the cool kids at school. He looked like he could be in the cast of jersey shore if he was a few inches taller. Word got around my school that this guy was in a pornog. So of course without a doubt in mind I typed in his porn name in google. I dont know what I was expecting but it was not that guy banging another emo dude in the cornhole. I still remember the video description, it went something like this ”He’s not gay but he sure loves COCK”

Girl from high school showed up on a bangbus episode a year or two after graduation. It spread through the whole town to the point that the barber, who had no idea who she was, knew about “the girl that just graduated who was in the porn”.
She only did videos with her bf at the time. I’m 99% sure I saw that bf years later at the gym I go to.
Anyway, I guess her father drove the several states away to go get her to come back home and she did. She ended up working in a shoe store in the mall and looked pretty sad. I don’t know much else, but it likely ruined her reputation in the area for good and I can’t imagine she stuck around.

When I was in high school a girl from my school made a video of herself masturbating with a carrot. Somehow the video leaked and got passed around the school. Within a few days everyone in the school had either seen it or heard about it. The girl was super nice so I felt terrible for her.
A few days after the leak me and my brother saw the girls ex boyfriend in a parking lot at the park. My brother who was good friends with the girl tricked the ex into admitting (really bragging) that he leaked the video. As soon as the ex admitted it my brother grabbed a piece of a 2×4 out of his truck and started beating the ex with it. I remember the ex got hit exactly 7 times because my brother shouted “NEVER DO THAT SHIT AGAIN MOTHER FUCKER!” hitting the guy with the piece of wood as he shouted each word. The guy kept saying he was sorry, but it was obvious he just wanted the beating to stop. We just drove away leaving him bloody and crying on the parking lot floor.

Well, that got dark pretty fast. Huh?

Not quite the scenario you’re asking about, but my grandparents were watching ‘Real Sex’ on HBO and a porn clip was featured. They immediately recognized the backdrop of the porn film was their backyard (they live on the intercoastal in Fort Lauderdale). They built the house and have been the only residents, so it must have been filmed while they were traveling. My grandfather forwarded a clip to family and friends and offered a reward for anyone that could figure out which porn it came from… if you ever find yourself watching “Bra Bra Blacksheep”, that’s my Poppa and Grandma’s backyard! (Dad won $20 for figuring out the title… I’m not making jokes about that “research” because it’s my dad.)

I’ve met more than a handful of porn stars in this business before, so I guess I do ‘know’ people who have appeared in porn videos, but it’s just not the same as seeing that one hot chick from A.P. Lit who sat in the back and wore glasses has grown up to become insanely successful in the adult film industry. If you have experience with this you can share your stories below, and if you want to read through the entire AskReddit thread you can click here to head on over!

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