These People Who Don’t Wipe Their Asses After Pooping Will Make You Feel Like The Cleanest Guy In Town

by 4 years ago


Here at the BroBible office we like to consider ourselves to be fairly hygienic; Brandon enjoys freaking out about the idea that someone in the office doesn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom and David likes to floss at least twice during the work day. We are clean, neat and tidy, and proud of it.

Except…for one person.

One person who shall not be named is Brandon’s worst nightmare, because this abomination to personal hygiene everywhere doesn’t wash his hands after taking shits in the men’s restroom. Now granted, it’s not like Brandon’s job title requires him to high-five regularly with this unnamed person, but still. Dude. You’re touching your dick and then grabbing food out of the fridge, essentially spreading your dick particles everywhere. No one wants to eat your dick. I know not everyone washes their hands after using the bathroom, but it’s one thing to know about these people in hypothetical terms and another entirely to actually have to come into contact with one on a daily basis.

But you know what’s worse? People who don’t wipe their assholes after pooping. People who wear jeans for an entire month before washing them. People who…well, I’ll just cut to the Reddit thread that inspired this post. It’ll save time for both of us.



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Tl;dr: people are fucking disgusting.

[H/T Reddit, header image via Shutterstock]