People Revealed The WORST Thing They’ve Done At Work Yet DIDN’T Get Fired For And There’s A Lottttt Of Porn Involved

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What is this fixation with watching porn at work? Why? Like that’s not something you can just wait to do until you get home, or at least until you clock out? I get that nature calls sometimes – really, I do. But you’d think that being gainfully employed >>>>> getting fired for jerking off at the office.

Then again, considering how many people have jerked off at work without getting fired, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. After all, it’s basically impossible to get fired…but that’s also coming from David Covucci.

In other words, take that advice and all these stories with a grain of salt:

I heard this from a coworker, as it happened before I started working at the office.

Apparently one of the employees was discovered to be hosting (and profiting from) pornographic websites, which he was hosting on the company’s servers. He was not immediately fired! The owners politely asked him to stop.

He was only fired after he refused to stop.

Guy comes into the office on a Saturday (office is empty). Makes a point of wearing a hoodie and baseball hat so he won’t be recognized on camera. Digs around someone’s desk until he finds a key to secured computer room. Enters room and steals computer.

Was caught and asked to apologize. I was dumbfounded that he wasn’t fired until I learned he was personally hired by the CEO many years ago.

I worked at a Denny’s restaurant years ago. We had an HIV + employee. He once cut is thumb with a knife and stuck his entire hand directly into the commercial ice machine in the kitchen. I was absolutely horrified at what had just happened, and immediately told my manager. The ice machine had to be emptied and professionally sanitized. The ice contaminator never lost his job, never even really got talked to about what happened. HIV or not, what he did was awful. Never have I seen something so unsanitary at any job I’ve had to date.

The very first year I worked at a summer camp, early 2000s, myself and pretty much all of my co-workers were around the 16 – 18 year age bracket. It was a pretty seedy camp for low income, at risk kids, and about 95% of them were great.

4% of them were terrifying. We had kids that had stabbed their parents, kids who definitely knew how to hide drugs in their bum while getting sent to prison, and all sorts of other scary varieties of young offenders, but we had the ability to deal with them, and some of them were great kids also after they opened up a bit.

But then there was this one kid… this one horror who encompassed the 1%.

Everyone who has worked at a camp knows this kid. The one who is so scary that even the adults are afraid of him, whether it’s because he has powerful family, or is probably a serial killer. To even call this particular camper a kid was an understatement. He was probably the largest 15 year old that had ever been birthed outside of Hercules, and since we were all pretty much kids ourselves, as a physical specimen alone, he was terrifying. He also had no issues sexually harassing, terrorizing, and actually scaring the poops out of everyone by just doing horrible shit imaginable. I’m talking animal dismemberment, plugging your nose and mouth while you’re sleeping to wake up with him staring at you and suffocating you, making creepy kidnapping style collages in Arts and Crafts about how he was going to cut up people’s families, shitting in sauna just for fun. Everyone was afraid of him, including the camp director. You don’t truly know fear until you wake up to someone rubbing a fresh rabbit spine on your forehead.

Best part was, we couldn’t send him home, no matter what he did, as he was from a remote community up North, and his parents just decided not to answer the phone to come back to pick him up. Apparently you can’t just ‘send kids away’. Nor could the police do anything about it. This was just a different time I guess, and since he hadn’t technically done anything ‘illegal’, we were, all of us, the entire camp, living in his world.

But luckily, on our side, we had… lets call him Rob. This dude was Paul Rudd’s character Andy from Wet Hot American Summer. One time he got a camper with downs syndrome high just to “see what would happen”. Another time he took socks from the lost and found, dipped them in the generator and tied them to the ends of arrows to make well, flaming arrows to shoot into the woods. He would sit in a canoe and fish in the swimming area while there were kids swimming. Honestly. Probably all of these should have got him fired, but obviously top brass didn’t know about these ‘minor discretions’ The only reasons he worked at camp to pick up girls, and sell drugs, and he had decided that this kid has ruined his chances of doing both. As a result he devises a plan where all the male councillors would grab this kid while he was sleeping, tape him to a chair, carry him to the dock, and then threaten to push him in to lake if he didn’t promise to change his ways.
Obviously we thought the fear of death would break this kid. You know… like pretending we were gonna hurt him.

Plan goes great, up until the point we get to the dock and Satan Child tells Rob that he knows as councillors we can’t actually push him off the dock. That the second he gets untapped from the chair, he’s going to kill Rob in his sleep.

Rob just calmly smiles and gently places his foot on the kids chest, pressing lightly as the front legs raise a little. The kids’s curses get wilder and wilder, and those front legs get a little higher up. At this point, we just assume he’s going to stop at some point, until Rob just tips him… and the chair he is duct taped to off the dock ever so gently. The rest of us just stand and stare dumbfounded at the fact that what was until moments ago supposed to be an act, has become a reality.
Rob calmly mentions that we should probably get him out of the water as, and I quote, “Dead kids can’t learn a lesson.” We dive in and grab the chair, hauling it out onto the dock.

I have never seen someone pull a180 that quick. Sobbing, praising God, praising us for saving him from Rob. We untie him, the kid’s shuddering and puking up water, and Rob just walks over and says ‘Just remember that the next time you act up, they won’t be there to get you out.’

Rest of session goes great, kid is a gem. Director asks what happened to make this kid so different so suddenly. We all nervously tug our collars and cough, looking for the quickest escape route. Rob just says ‘I taped him to a chair and pushed him off the dock. Little fuck needed a lesson.”
Camp director just sits there for a few seconds and says “Well… I mean, he is better. I just hope he doesn’t tell his parents.”

Throwing a $40,000 piece of equipment in the dumpster because he thought it was trash, and then shutting his phone off so our professor can’t reach him and has to call me in the middle of the night to tell me to go dumpster diving.

Fucking grad school.

I worked in a call center where a co-worker got caught, not once but twice, for masturbating at his desk when speaking with female customers.

HR spoke with him about it, everyone knew what he had done but they just kept him on regardless.

When I was 15 I worked at an amusement park and we had a sheet with all the employees phone numbers on it so people could ask each other covers. There was a 17 year old who worked there who took my number and then texted me his detailed plans to rape me. Told the people who owned the park and they didn’t care so I changed my number and got a new job.

A dude I worked with at Sbarro back in the day informed me, a cashier/pizza-maker, on his second day of work, that he lied about his criminal history on his employment application and that he had served time in jail for accessory to murder and arson, and showed me a local news article on his phone about a local student who was murdered. The charred body was found with bullets.

I told my manager that night after he went home. He decided not to fire him because he was afraid he would murder him and his family. (Probably would have). Ultimately fired several months later by a regional manager for stealing spaghetti.

I yelled at my boss and I quote, “your bullshit is the reason our office is going down the fucking drain, so stop fucking up.” The next day I was brought before the GM. He read my write up aloud to me, while trying not to laugh and smirk the whole time. Then he sent me home for the rest of the day, and told me to “have a nice day and we’ll see you tomorrow,” all while still smiling.

We have one woman who calls in sick for 7/10 shifts. When she finally got in trouble for it she brought in a “doctors note” that was too illegible to actually read, scrawled on what looked like scrap paper. HR still accepted it. She then has the audacity to come in shopping on days she’s called in sick.

Personal Banker at a major institution that rhymes with “Fells Wargo.”
Lied to clients about terms of accounts, forged client signatures on credit card applications, opened accounts without client’s permission. I called the confidential tip line,TWICE, but 8 months later when I left, he still had a job.

Chef used to shoot up in the disabled toilets. Regularly stole alcohol from the bar. Had the restaurant closed for a police raid and all staff searched. Manager decided it was easier to wait for him to go to jail. Best chef there and only one that spoke English.
Still not in jail.

Guy got caught with kiddie porn on his work computer.
But because they didn’t remove him from the building according to policy… he was able to keep his job.. they gave him the option to work from home… so he took it.

So now the government of Canada is paying $70k a year for a pedophile who stays at home.
Makes me sick

I am a nurse. A new nurse (had probably been working about 6 months) had a patient that was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Having a TB patient is a pain because you need to get all suited up and put a respirator mask on before going in their room. She avoided going in the room unless absolutely necessary (like many nurses in that situation do). This patient was on a telemetry monitor (to monitor heart rhythm, we could see it on the monitors at the nurses station). He also had a habit of taking off his oxygen and desatting (his oxygen saturation in his blood would get too low without supplemental oxygen), which would make him confused.

We could usually tell when this was happening because the telemetry would alarm that his heart rate was very high, then we would go into his room, put the oxygen on and all was well.
I guess she was busy and not paying attention and he managed to take the oxygen off along with his telemetry leads. The monitor was alarming that his leads were off and she simply silenced it and went about her business. The leads were off for at least an hour before anyone checked on him. A nurses aide went in to check his vital signs and found him nude laying on the floor and very dead. She yelled for the nurse to come over and she just stood there staring at him not knowing what to do.

She told the aide to handle it and walked around the unit looking for another nurse to ask what to do, instead of initiating CPR and calling a code. The aide tried CPR but he was pretty dead by then (already felt cold).

The nurse for some reason got to go home early with sick pay because she was distraught, did not get fired or even a written warning. It was as if she did nothing wrong. Boggled my mind… She literally killed someone with neglect and got away with it!

I good friend of mine works at a dealership where he drives cars on a daily basis. He was doing a bunch of pre delivery inspections at the end of his shift about a month ago now. He was test driving a brand new, fully loaded Jeep Wrangler. He looked down to set the cruise and make sure the heater works as it should. When he looked up, he had no time to react before slamming into the back of a Ford Escape and sending it flying. No one was hurt, luckily. But both vehicles totaled.

The kicker of the story? He hasn’t had a license in over a year. He lied to all of his bosses about it and was persistent that he had a license.

I just had him change my oil today, actually. Still working full time, just not allowed to drive vehicles.

A teacher I had in secondary school decided not to come to class and instead go smoke weed behind the school. He was caught by the vice principal, sent to class high as a kite, and preceded to tell the class he’s most likely getting fired, it’s our fault and we’re all a bunch of cunts. He didn’t get fired, somehow.

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