People Revealed The WORST Thing They’ve Done At Work Yet DIDN’T Get Fired For And There’s A Lottttt Of Porn Involved

by 3 years ago


What is this fixation with watching porn at work? Why? Like that’s not something you can just wait to do until you get home, or at least until you clock out? I get that nature calls sometimes – really, I do. But you’d think that being gainfully employed >>>>> getting fired for jerking off at the office.

Then again, considering how many people have jerked off at work without getting fired, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. After all, it’s basically impossible to get fired…but that’s also coming from David Covucci.

In other words, take that advice and all these stories with a grain of salt:

I heard this from a coworker, as it happened before I started working at the office.

Apparently one of the employees was discovered to be hosting (and profiting from) pornographic websites, which he was hosting on the company’s servers. He was not immediately fired! The owners politely asked him to stop.

He was only fired after he refused to stop.

Guy comes into the office on a Saturday (office is empty). Makes a point of wearing a hoodie and baseball hat so he won’t be recognized on camera. Digs around someone’s desk until he finds a key to secured computer room. Enters room and steals computer.

Was caught and asked to apologize. I was dumbfounded that he wasn’t fired until I learned he was personally hired by the CEO many years ago.

I worked at a Denny’s restaurant years ago. We had an HIV + employee. He once cut is thumb with a knife and stuck his entire hand directly into the commercial ice machine in the kitchen. I was absolutely horrified at what had just happened, and immediately told my manager. The ice machine had to be emptied and professionally sanitized. The ice contaminator never lost his job, never even really got talked to about what happened. HIV or not, what he did was awful. Never have I seen something so unsanitary at any job I’ve had to date.

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