Pepsi Doing Something More Offensive Than That Kendall Jenner Ad — They’re Releasing Cinnamon-Flavored Soda

by 1 year ago

Pepsi Fire Cans

With all the insanity going on in the world, doesn’t that Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner feel like years ago? Nope, it happened in April. Crazy right?

Well the world seems to have moved on. Kendall Jenner got over the entire ordeal by posing topless. Pepsi is going a different route — they’re releasing a soda that tastes something like Fireball whiskey.

Today, Pepsi is encouraging fans to “Get It While It’s Hot™” with the launch of its newest limited-edition beverage, Pepsi Fire. Beginning May 22, Pepsi Fire – the refreshing cola with a cinnamon flavored twist – will be available in stores nationwide for an eight-week period.

In related news, it will also be available in Slurpee form. Because nothing says fire like iced drinks.


[via Eater]


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