Does Looking At The Sun Make You Sneeze? Turns Out, There Is A Perfectly Logical Explanation For Why It Happens

by 2 years ago

Every. Goddamn. Time. That is the frequency in which sneezing happens to me if I am suddenly staring right into the sun. I can’t help it. I look at the sun and I start sneezing like a fucking lunatic. It doesn’t seem like a big issue, but it is especially terrifying when operating a motor vehicle.

As luck would have it, though, there is actually a scientific reason as to why that happens to a lot of us. You can still chalk it up to “I’m sneezing because God made me fucking awesome” if you want to,  but you should probably know the truth, too.

Sneezing when you look at the sun or other really bright light is due to a Photic Sneeze Reflex. Between 10% and 35% of people are said to have the genetic condition. There are a few theories mentioned in the video which could explain why people with the Photic Sneeze Reflex are saddled with this debilitating condition. But I’m just going to ignore all those theories and continue to believe it’s because I’m just so much fucking better than everyone else on this planet God hates me.

[H/T Mental Floss]

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