‘Piranhas’ Attack Bikini Girls and the BroBible Calendar-Fueled Weekend Agenda

by 9 years ago

From here on out, our Weekend Agenda is going to be a collection of links to our National and New York City Calendar sections. If you haven't checked those out yet, make sure you do so right now! As far as what's on tap this weekend, we hear that 'Piranha 3-D' is actually pretty epic, with more b**bs than you could ever imagine, plus a lot of projectile vomiting, and a severed dick that flies out of the screen. You have been warned.


Movie Opening: ‘Piranhas’ Attack the Beautiful Babes of Lake Havasu in 3-D

Movie Opening: Jason Bateman Pulls a ‘Switch’ on Jennifer Aniston

What's On TV Sunday Night: Vikings vs. Niners, 'Mad Men,' and 'Entourage'

New York

Concert: Crystal Castles Play Terminal 5

NFL Game: Preseason: Giants Welcome Steelers to New Meadowlands Stadium

Restaurant Deals: Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night

Yankees vs. Mariners at Yankee Stadium: Friday night, Saturday, Sunday