Pizza Hut Develops Pizza Within a Pizza, Because You Were Good to Santa This Year

by 6 years ago

We have come to this conclusion, because Gawker pointed our attention to the “Double Sensation Pizza,” an unholy monstrosity that they call “the Inception of pizzas.”

As observed by Brand Eating, the so-called “Double Sensation Pizza” is structured around two rings of crust. The outer ring, stuffed with mozzarella, Parmesan, and cheddar cheeses (that ooze out of holes poked intermittently), frames the Ur-pizza. This is the pie on which all subsequent pies will be constructed. This pizza is topped with turkey ham bell peppers, and mushrooms, on top of salsa (?).

Working our way from the outer ring to the inner, we encounter Enlightenment in the form of a second pizza. This crust is stuffed with chicken sausage and yet more cheese. It is topped with smoked chicken and zucchini on “pepper alfredo” sauce.

A large retails for about $27.49.


The Double Sensation Pizza is unfortunately only available in Singapore. Compensation, I guess, for not being able to chew gum in the streets there.

Also: Pizza within a pizza…. I think I've heard this all before.

“It's a hot pocket in a hot pocket! Tastes just like a hot pocket.”

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