32-Year-Old Heir To The PBR Fortune Just Bought The Playboy Mansion For A F**k Ton Of Money

From the moment the infamous Playboy Mansion hit the market it became the most high-profile real estate listing in the world, and it’s just been taken off the market by a 32-year-old bro who stands to inherit the Pabst Blue Ribbon fortune of $2.8 billion.

Daren Metropoulos is heir to the PBR fortune, already owns an $18 million property in the neighborhood, and he reportedly just dropped over $100 MILLION on the second most famous home in America (after the White House, of course).

Playboy's 2015 Playmate Of The Year Announcement Ceremony At The Playboy Mansion

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Laura Kusisto and Candace Taylor of The Wall Street Journal report:

The sale price couldn’t immediately be determined. Messrs. Umansky and Fenton declined to comment, and Mr. Gold couldn’t immediately be reached. A Playboy spokesman confirmed that the mansion is in contract but declined to provide further details.
The buyer, Daren Metropoulos, a principal at private-equity firm Metropoulos & Co., lives in the house next door, which he purchased from Playboy founder Hugh Hefner in 2009 for $18 million. He is passionate about the neighborhood’s architecture, a representative said.
“The heritage of this property transcends its celebrity and to have the opportunity to serve as its steward would be a true privilege,” Mr. Metropoulos said.
According to the terms of the sale, Mr. Hefner has the right to remain in the mansion for the rest of his life. After Mr. Hefner’s tenancy ends, Mr. Metropoulos intends to connect the two estates into a combined 7.3-acre compound, the representative said.
The roughly 20,000-square-foot Playboy mansion has 29 rooms, including 12 bedrooms, on 5 acres, according to the sales listing. It is one of the few private residences in Los Angeles with a zoo license, the listing says. Playboy Enterprises acquired the property in 1971 for $1.05 million.

Hugh Hefner Hosts Annual Midsummer Night's Dream Party At The Playboy Mansion

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Playboy

Over at TheDailyMail.com they are reporting that the house has sold for ‘over $100 million’, which I’m guessing is just a ballpark figured given that the house was listed for $200 million and the actual sale figures haven’t yet been released.

It’s a) pretty awesome that the details of the sale included the stipulation that Hugh Hefner gets to live in the Playboy Mansion until he passes and b) that the person buying this mansion is a millennial bro who stands to inherit the PBR fortune. This truly is a union of two great American brands.

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