Playboy Ranked The Sexiest Cities In America, But Guess Who Came In Last?

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sexiest cities in america


The other day TIME ranked the 50 best places to live in America. I’d heard of two of them, so, yeah, not moving to any of those. However, the 25 “sexiest cities in America?” Now we’re talking!

Playboy recently conducted a poll, two actually, to determine which cities in the United States are the sexiest and guess what? I’ve heard of each and every one of them!

So how did they determine these rankings?

We conducted two customized polls with ­SurveyMonkey: The first general-­population study ranked cities from one to 25; the second dug deeper into the attitudes and lifestyles of people living in the top five cities. Using data from the second survey and outside sources (see below), we uncovered key preferences and predilections in our five sexiest cities.

We partnered with NerdWallet, a San ­Francisco–based personal finance start-up, to crunch numbers on bars, restaurants and other entertainment outlets per 1,000 residents to come up with a nightlife factor, which we then combined with a walkability index to produce these overall after-sundown scores. (Here’s a link to their methodology.)

Sounds very sciencey, no? Eh, we’ll argue with the results anyway. That’s what we do.

Here are your top 10…
10. Portland
9. San Diego
8. Las Vegas
7. Seattle
6. Boston
5. San Francisco
4. Miami
3. Chicago
2. Los Angeles
1. New York

So why New York, I hear you asking?

In addition to topping our respondents’ lists, it’s backed up by other metrics as well. It has by far the best and most nightlife in our roundup, with thousands of bars, clubs and restaurants in walkable neighborhoods linked by a dense web of subways, Ubers and taxis, making the possibility of frequent and convenient assignations likelier than anywhere else. The people are hot, the sex is prime quality and the frequency is high, averaging 138 times per year. It also has a touch of the forbidden: In our survey of the top five cities, New York respondents were the most interested in kink, with nearly two thirds of them open to experimentation and almost a quarter into BDSM.

So basically it’s because there is lots of sex going on there and much of it is of the kinky variety. Fair enough.

By the way, Miami was the city that claimed to have the most sex at a whopping 160 times per year. Way to go, Miami.

Oh yeah, which city was deemed the unsexiest in America in their survey? Detroit. Sorry, Motown.

Check out the rest of the top 25 as well as a bunch more fun facts over at

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