Watch Poker Player Get Knocked Out of $1,000,000 Buy-In WSOP Tournament In the Worst Way Possible


I suppose there’s no great way to lose $1 million. When I lose $500 at a casino I die inside. Then I lose $550 more trying to get it back. The extra $50 isn’t for good measure, either. It’s because I’m usually so drunk that I take out a cash advance on my credit card because substances have rendered the ATM too confusing to use. But if there is a crushing and cruel way to lose $1 million in a high-stakes poker tournament,¬†Connor Drinan recently experienced it. He didn’t just miss his opportunity to win $1 million, he fucking paid $1 million to enter this tournament and he got knocked out in 18th place, which paid him jack shit.

Going into it, Drinan obviously knew he could lose it all. You could always lose it all. It’s the way in which he lost it that was goddamn devastating. He had pocket aces. Tragically, so did his opponent.