76-Year-Old Politician Has 50 Sexy Strippers Pole Dance On Top Of Jeeps For His Funeral Procession

by 1 year ago


Someone once said, “Go out in a blaze of glory.” And if you can’t do that, make sure there are strippers at your funeral so that people will always remember you.

Taiwanese council speaker Tung Hsiang died at the ripe old age of 76. The politician’s funeral procession featured 50 scantily-clad strippers pole dancing on top of 50 jeeps as really, really shitty pop music was blasted through the streets. Still better than any funeral with family members pretending to mourn so that they can get more of the inheritance.

Tung’s son said his father had always “enjoyed a buzz” and hoped that the ceremony would give his dad a “happy departure.” Would you say, Tung wanted a “happy ending.”

Hopefully, the provocative performance didn’t cause Tung to die hard.



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