Pornhub’s New Christmas Ad ‘Lonely Night’ Is Here!

by 1 year ago

Christmas can now officially begin, Pornhub has released their 2016 Christmas ad. It is a doozy, too. Just a bunch of lonely people, spending the holidays by themselves, when out of nowhere they get the bright idea to go to Pornhub Premium to jerk all their sorrows into a sock or tissue or another cumrag of choice. It’s the most uplifting holiday ad or movie you will watch this year.

After the ad watching on YouTube, I had to look at the comments. HAD TO. Most of them were positive, like one guy who said, “its gonna be a white and sticky Christmas” or another who added, “My dick and i are going to have so much fun! Thank you Pornhub™! Going to be a real jerk off jubilee in those households this holiday season.

But some people weren’t thrilled with the ad, like this dude who was extra salty, “That is sick. Lonely people don’t need porn! They need actual people, who care about them. No one actually needs anything your perverted site offers. I hope you go out of business!” Sounds like someone used to have a serious porn addiction. Tough break, buddy.


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