Pornhub’s Super Bowl Data Shows The Patriots Weren’t The Only Ones To Stage A Spectacular Comeback

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Super Bowl LI was an all time classic. It turned out to be perhaps the greatest Super Bowl ever and was certainly, at least in the second half, something you didn’t dare look away from for fear of missing something.

Heck, you had the first overtime ever, Lady Gaga (not) jumping from the roof of the stadium, and a meltdown by the Falcons like we haven’t seen since the last NBA Finals.

No way anyone had time to watch some porn and rub one out while all that was going on, right?


According to Pornhub, shortly after the game kicked off traffic across the United States dropped by 27% and remained well under normal Sunday levels right up to the game’s end.

However, and here’s where Pornhub’s epic comeback happened, visits immediately surged after the game ended, not just returning to normal levels, but reaching 9% above average at 11pm.


Pornhub Insights

Nicely done, America!

Now as far as those people in the states of Massachusetts and Georgia go, as the Patriots began their comeback traffic in Georgia began to slowly start climbing.


Pornhub Insights

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