Pornhub Released The Hottest Halloween-Related Porn Searches And What’s With Wanting To Watch Dead People Bang?

by 4 years ago

Pornhub Insights is the analytics branch of Pornhub, the biggest adult video website on the Internet. From time to time they release traffic numbers related to popular searches, categories, and often these data dumps coincide with a holiday. Today they’ve released the most popular Halloween-related porn searches, aka what sorts of videos people are looking for the most around Halloween.

After cranking through the numbers and charts below I just have to ask one question: what’s the wanting to watch zombie porn? How could that possibly be interesting and/or erotic? Before we get to all the charts I want you to let a few of these more outrageous numbers sink in: during Halloween on Pornhub searches for ‘Halloween Orgy’ are up 1075%, devil is up 864%, zombie is up 460%, and horror is up 289%. All in all that’s a pretty fucking weird set of terms to be searching on Pornhub, but hey, who am I to judge?

Halloween-Related Searches On Pornhub

I’m not gonna lie, I really like how all of these graphs end up looking like a witch’s hat. It really goes well the whole ‘Halloween’ theme they’ve got going on.

If you’re looking for more Halloween-related porn search insights CLICK HERE to head on over to Pornhub Insights, a 100% SAFE FOR WORK division of Pornhub!