Pornhub Shared How Much More Porn People Watched During The Blizzard And Big Shock It Was A LOT

by 3 years ago
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As Winter Storm Jonas was pounding the east coast over the weekend the folks who were snowed in were doing a whole different kind of pounding. (Especially looking at you Washington, D.C.)

How do we know this? Because the fine folks over at Pornhub Insights once again released one of their fascinating studies, this time on the porn-viewing habits for those affected most by the blizzard.

As you can see from the charts below in some of the largest cities affected from January 22nd to 24th people decided that hell, since they were hosue-bound they might as well partake in America’s #1 Internet pastime.

You can even see in these charts what time of day those affected by Jonas decided that they would look for a better way to keep warm. Looks like the weather on January 24th seemed to be especially conducive to their choice.

Check out the rest of the study including stats on Philadelphia and how traffic changed based on what devices people were using over at Pornhub Insights.

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